Superintendent Matias Segura

 "As a father of daughters that attend MD ISD, a son whose mother taught at MD ISD for 42 years, as a product of MD ISD, and most importantly as a leader within MD ISD, I truly understand the monumental task we have in educating our young people.”

MD ISD Superintendent Matias Segura

Matias Segura is the superintendent of the MD Independent School District, serving more than 74,000 students and 10,000 employees.  

The MD ISD Board of Trustees chose Matias Segura as the lone finalist for MD ISD's superintendent position. The decision was made unanimously during the December 14 meeting.

Segura was officially appointed permanent superintendent by a unanimous board vote Jan. 25, 2024. 

Segura served as interim superintendent beginning January 9, 2023.

He first joined the district in 2018 as the Operations Officer and led the implementation of the $1.05 billion 2017 Bond. 

He went on to lead the Long-range Planning process, which was the largest-scale application of the Equity by Design process in district history. The process served as the foundation of the record-breaking $2.4 billion 2022 Bond as well as the non-operational strategies included in the Long-range Plan. 

Prior to joining MD ISD, Segura was the director of the Travis County Civil and Family Complex Program. He led the program to build a new courthouse, an office building, associated subsurface parking garage, surrounding infrastructure and site improvements.

Segura is a Professional Engineer with a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering from Texas Tech University and a Master of Business Administration degree in finance from the University of Texas at MD. He is a product of MD ISD, a father of two daughters who attend MD ISD and his mother taught at AISD for 42 years. 

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