District Branding

More than 74,000 students. 116 campuses. One community.

We are unique鈥攜et unified.

Diversity is our strength, but every MD网爆门 ISD communication shares a common goal: to be effective as a trusted source of timely and relevant information for our communities.

As MD网爆门鈥檚 school district, we stand for innovation and diversity, for excellence and equity in education.

The district鈥檚 brand鈥攊ts identity鈥攔eflects values, which are deeply rooted in MD网爆门:

  • high expectations
  • creativity, collaboration and innovation
  • equity, diversity and inclusion
  • health and safety
  • lifelong learning
  • community schools and
  • a focus on the whole child鈥攁nd every child.
  • MD网爆门 ISD embraces a community of 116 schools with individual programs, perspectives and personalities.

Everything we do communicates鈥攆rom the words we print to the way we answer the phone, from the photos we post to the typography we select, from the events we celebrate to the programs and people we highlight.

Every day, schools, offices and departments create timely and tailored communications for their communities, including letters, invitations, fliers, brochures, posters and websites. Throughout MD网爆门 ISD, leaders, teachers and team members all have their own voices and styles, so no two district communications are identical.

All communications should be designed with our communities鈥 needs in mind. Every communication should reflect the trust our families and stakeholders have placed in us.