MD网爆门 ISD Athletics

The mission of the MD网爆门 ISD Athletic Program is to create an environment that fosters respect, leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship and a commitment to excellence. Competitive athletics instill in our student-athletes the lifelong values of accountability, integrity, structure and discipline. Our vision is to provide opportunities for teaching, learning and growing in all student-athletes.

We believe that athletics is an integral piece of a student鈥檚 educational journey and that academics and athletics work together to develop the whole child. The field, the court and the swimming pool are the classrooms for the student-athlete.

Through athletics, our coaches help our student-athletes develop socially and emotionally, building the skills of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and responsible decision-making, all while building relationships with their teammates, opponents and community members.

The AISD Athletic program consists of 13 high schools and 19 middle schools that compete in 24 University Interscholastic League athletic activities. AISD hosts more than 1,700 events each year at our six major central athletics facilities鈥擳oney Burger Activity Center and Stadium, House Park Field, Nelson Field, Noack Fields and the Delco Activity Center, and Yellow Jacket Stadium. Nearly 500 coaches serve, teach and mentor our approximately 15,000 student athletes every day.


Contact Us

  • Athletic Director, 鈥512-414-1050
  • Lynn Pool, Assistant Athletic Director鈥, 512-414-1044
  • Odis Jones, 鈥ˋssistant Athletic Director鈥, 512-414-1048
  • Denise Vanlandingham, Area Athletic Coordinator/Head Athletic Trainer & Purchasing, 512-414-1042
  • Wade Johnston, Area Coordinator鈥/Middle School Coordinator鈥, 512-841-8331
  • Facilities Coordinator, Delco Center, 鈥512-841-8323
  • Shalanda Byers鈥, Special Olympics Coordinator鈥, 512-841-8336
  • Elizabeth A. Thornton鈥, Accounting, Tickets and Game Help鈥, 512-414-1046
  • Aaron Garcia, 鈥⊿ecurity/Officials鈥, 512-414-1045
  • Crystal Victorino, Athletic Coordinator/ Facility Coordinator House Park, 512-414-8036
  • Pat Blair, Athletic Events Scheduler, 512-414-7551
  • Kathy Powell, Athletic Concessions, 512-414-1050